ArthroPaint ™

An arthroscopic medical device capable of repairing osteochondral injuries directly within the body using 3D bioprinting. 

It allows the controlled deposition of biotin with regenerative capacity and guarantees the reproducibility of clinical results.

It follows the current trend of minimally invasive surgery leading to more successful long-term postoperative results.

  Using the ArthroPaint ™ in situ bioprinting approach, the human body functions as an "in vivo bioreactor" that governs the development and maturation of the imprinted construct at the site of injury.

Already successfully validated in cadaveric knee and ankle models, today it is beginning its validation in older animal models.

If approved by international regulatory bodies, ArthroPaint ™ will become one of the first biofabrication devices to reconstruct tissue directly at the injury site to hit the market.


Technology Readiness Level (TRL)