Veintis ™

A bio-inspired vascular prosthesis developed by Cells for Cells using tissue engineering and won the 2020 Avonni National Innovation Award. 

For patients diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease that require an arteriovenous access for hemodialysis, and for patients diagnosed with Peripheral Arterial Disease that require peripheral bypass.

First bio-inspired prosthesis whose structure mimics the multilayer anatomy (intimate, media and adventitial layers) and the mechanical performance of human arteries and veins.

Veintis ™ regenerative biodesign allows the patient's own body to restore a new blood vessel while the prosthesis is biodegraded, giving way to definitive natural tissue.  

It can be customized according to the requirements (length, diameter, wall thickness, etc.) of the doctor.

Produced in less than 1 hour in a fast and automated way.

Biofabrication method with patent granted in the US and the European Union.

Compact biofabrication robot can eventually locate and produce implants within the same operating room.

Currently being validated through proof-of-concept studies in older animal models and compared with synthetic alternatives on the market. The conclusions obtained from these in vivo tests support the potential of Veintis ™ towards clinical translation and allow projecting its commercial potential


Technology Readiness Level (TRL)