A culture medium for the production of exosomes developed by Cells for Cells. Oxium™Exo does not contain serum and its ingredients are free of animal and blood components.

When compared to DMEM and other currently commercially available culture media advertised for exosome production, Oxium ™ Exo demonstrated the following characteristics:

  • Superior Exosome Count: Oxium ™ Exo enables increased exosome production, particularly the fraction of vesicles between 50 and 200 nanometers in size.

  • Improved cell viability: Oxium ™ Exo maintains cell viability for at least 6 days without supplementation (FBS or hPL).

  • Equivalent preservation of stem cell traits: Following the exosome production cycle, cells cultured with Oxium ™ EXO retain the characteristics of mesenchymal stromal cells, as defined by the International Society for Cell and Genetic Therapy (ISCT). In particular, exosomes produced with Oxium ™ EXO contain the same surface and internal markers as those produced in standard DMEM medium or other commercially available culture media. Furthermore, they are internalized by different cells in vitro and their in vivo biodistribution pattern is equivalent to that observed with exosomes produced in standard DMEM or other commercially available culture media.


Technology Readiness Level (TRL)