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An arthroscopic medical device capable of repairing osteochondral lesions directly within the body using 3D bioprinting and a microfluidic-based migration assay for cell manufacturing

Tissue Engineering

A biocompatible bio-ink based on salmon gelatin capable of reconstructing damaged articular cartilage of the knee or ankle of patients with osteochondral injuries and a bio-inspired vascular prosthesis developed by Cells for Cells through tissue engineering and which won the 2020 Avonni National Innovation Award.


An advanced biotin based on a cold adapted biomaterial (Salmon GelMA) with excellent mechanical and rheological properties for high resolution 3D bioprinting


An advanced therapy based on small extracellular vesicles, an allogeneic cell therapy for the treatment of Osteochondral Lesions (LOCs) and an allogeneic cell therapy based on the expansion of a subpopulation of umbilical cord tissue mesenchymal cells (UC-MSCs)

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