A biocompatible salmon gelatin-based biotin capable of rebuilding damaged articular cartilage of the knee or ankle of patients with osteochondral injuries.

Low viscosity allows for superior extrudability.

High resistance to compression similar to that of natural hyaline cartilage once its light-curing has been induced.

It has a controlled porosity thanks to the inclusion of porogenic engineering elements and is capable of containing and eluting pro-chondrogenic factors, which stimulate the invasion of chondrocytes or progenitor cells and facilitate the formation of hyaline cartilage.

Ideal solution for minimally invasive (arthroscopic) surgical procedures that seek to reconstruct cartilage in situ.

Chondrogenic potential and technical superiority validated in vitro and are now being studied in older animal models through in vivo proof-of-concept studies


Technology Readiness Level (TRL)